Trump Cultists: Did you sign a loyalty pledge?

Trump demands loyalty from all those around him. His definition of loyalty is that everyone needs to praise him and tell him how great he is. Loyalty to him is to not question him and do everything he says. Loyalty is the number 1 thing Trump looks for when hiring staff. It is not whether or not they are qualified. This is why we have seen the constant mess and chaos since day 1- constant resignations, constant firings, and many people serving in the ‘acting’ capacity.

Trump makes his cabinet members and others around him praise him in front of the cameras. This has occurred many times since Trump’s election. Each time it’s horrifying and uncomfortable to watch. The most notable example was early on in his presidency during a cabinet meeting. One by one, each cabinet member praised him and told him how great it was to work for him. You can pull it up on YouTube. IT WILL SICKEN YOU TO WATCH. This is something that DICTATORS do. Trump also made them all sign loyalty pledges and nondisclosure agreements.

I think that Trump’s cultist supporters need to sign one of those loyalty pledges! They need to show their total devotion to him! They definitely show it but they need to make it formal. Make it official! I’ll help them out with the pledge by providing them with a template:

I, _____________________, will show total loyalty, love, support, and total blind devotion to you, my favorite president of all time!! I won’t question anything you say! I will accept your reality of things! Everyone who says mean things about you is the “ENEMY”! I will defend you Dear Leader! When you break the law and instruct others to do so, I will defend you! When you said at an event many months ago that “what you see and what you hear is not real”, I accept that as truth Dear Leader! I will agree with everything you say! MAGA!


**write your name here**

A fellow “stable genius” and loving supporter!

I love you!!!!!! kisses!!!! XOXOXOXO MAGA!

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