Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Does it exist?

“You have Trump Derangement Syndrome!”, the Trump cultists rant.

“You are just upset because Hillary lost!”, they shriek as they hold their MAGA hats to their chests.

Does “Trump Derangement Syndrome” really exist? Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it? The demented fool we have for president causes extreme distress for millions of Americans. People are worried. People are scared. He is an erratic mad man with no impulse control. Can you imagine Trump reacting to another 911?? THE THOUGHT OF ANOTHER 911 HAPPENING UNDER TRUMP’S WATCH SHOULD HORRIFY EVERY AMERICAN TO THEIR CORE.

Millions of Americans are scared and concerned over having a president who is so unstable. Whether you want to label what people are experiencing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, “Extreme Stress Syndrome”, or something else doesn’t matter. Label it what you want. What people are experiencing as a result of his presidency is very real.

The reason for Americans having TDS has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary losing though. NOTHING! If any of the other Republicans had won, do you really think there would be so many Americans in distress? Would there be “JEB Derangement Syndrome” if he had won? Of course not! What about “Chris Christie Derangement Syndrome”, “John Kasich Derangement Syndrome”, or “Marco Rubio Derangement Syndrome”?? Anyone with a brain knows that they wouldn’t exist.

People have TDS and are in distress because Trump is unstable, unfit, and a vile human being. It has nothing to do with “Hillary losing.” Nice try though, cultists!

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